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Purchase Property in South Kolkata
and Live your Dream

Since the past few years, we observed that it has become increasingly difficult for people to get a residential complex or home of their choice, something that suits them in all aspects. We understood that all potential home owners look for smart housing choices, with all the niceties that one would expect. Yet, while purchasing property in South Kolkata, they’ll also be largely swayed by the pricing of the flat or house they were hoping to purchase. Our housing project, Greenfield City aims to settle right between these two deciding factors.

We, at Greenfield City aim to provide all our clients the very same option; to have a home that is furnished with everything that a family can look for, while maintaining a good price to market ratio. In this way, our Bengal Greenfield Housing Development company & Srijan Realty ensures that all potential home owners are able to buy flats in Kolkata with the right facilities and don’t face any inequalities in value and pricing.

You will purchase a flat that is not located far away from all the important locations of the city, yet, away from all the commotion and hubbub of living in the heart of a city. We assure you that you won’t have to deal with interruptions from heavy traffic, noises from pedestrians, cars, etc.